No More Senior Moments With Brain Training

LearningRx-possibility-2LearningRx is for kids only, right? It specializes in improving school performance through cognitive skills training, which creates new neural pathways.

That’s true but think again.

LearningRx can help seniors too, not by creating new neural pathways but by repairing them.

No drugs, no medication, no special diets, just brain training.

Brain training works by “exercising” cognitive skills – the underlying processes the brain goes through to function properly.

The brain relies on strong neural pathways, the same way the body relies on strong bones and muscles to stay healthy.

The less the brain is used, the more likely cognitive skills will suffer.

If your cognitive skills aren’t up to speed, no matter what kind of information you try to grasp – or how many times you try to grasp it – the process can feel sluggish and slow.

Brain training targets seven specific areas of cognitive ability:

  • Processing speed
  • Auditory processing
  • Visual processing
  • Long-term memory
  • Short-term memory
  • Attention skills
  • Logic and reasoning.

LearningRx offers adult skill-specific training to target and strengthen all seven major mental skill groups.

The brain training exercises were developed to take advantage of neuroplasticity and cognitive reserve – two fancy words that stand for the brain’s life-long ability to adapt, develop and expand.

Recent research suggests long-lasting benefits of brain training for all ages and a strong correlation between brain training and decreased risk of Alzheimer’s.

The neural pathways that brain training can build and repair help stave off the typical negative effects of aging on memory, comprehension and reasoning.

In fact, they could be prevented or reversed.

LearningRx offers an affordable cognitive skills test to determine the areas of most difficulty for each individual so that training can be specific.

“Senior moments” be gone – brain training can unlock a Fountain of Youth for your mind.