Fake Best-Sellers: Katie’s Greatest Hits

Hearing feedback from our readers is one of my favorite parts of Baby Bump Lexington. We ask questions on Facebook each month, and moms and dads open up to us about their parenting experiences – good or bad.

We get to hear kid-friendly recipes, advice on dealing with in-laws, and what you love best/hate most about pregnancy.

In May we had a contest and asked readers this gem: If you were to write a parenting book, what would the title be?

I know these aren’t real books, but I sure would read them if they were. Here are some titles on my Fake Best-Seller List and the readers who suggested them:

  • “Take It Day By Day” by Johanna Dufort Hunt.
  • “My Mother’s Advice: Things You’ll Learn But Already Have Been Told” by Sara Fett.
  • “You’re Doing That Wrong (and Other Lies About Parenthood)” by Alicia Brab.
  • “Learning When To Ignore the Advice and Parent from Instinct” by Melissa Wiser.
  • “No One Really Knows What They’re Doing: Tales on Following Your Gut and No One Else’s” by Tara Horner.
  • “I Can Wear This Shirt One More Day” by Tonuja Dailey.
  • “The Endless Story of Cleaning The Toy Room” by Billy Roberts.
  • “You Will Turn Into Your Mother (and Other Things You Swore You’d Never Do)” by Abby Heath Thorne.
  • “Different Child, Different Parents, Different Methods” by Bobbie Sinnott.
  • “Admit It – Your Mother Was Always Right” by Heather Nicole Dailey.

Reading over these titles, I laughed, smiled and furiously nodded in agreement.

As I prepared for this June maternity issue, I was happy to see that Baby Bump has become a place where parents can share and relate to these perfectly imperfect experiences.

We can’t all be authors, but as parents we all have stories to tell.

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