Mommy’s Favorite Things- Warmze Bottle Warmers

WARMZEOur mommy reviewer, Annie, tried out Warmze bottle covers and shared her thoughts. Warmze uses an air activated warmer and a patterned “bottle sock” to heat a bottle without any electricity or batteries needed.

“So I finally had a chance to try out the Warmze bottle warmers. So cool! I was able to take a bottle with me while I was out running errands and not have to worry about getting home to fix a bottle. I would say this product is perfect for a road trip or to have in your diaper bag for emergencies.”

Warmze starter kits can be found on for $10-$20 depending on size and pattern.

AnnieEckerAnnie is a stay-at-home mom, living in Lexington. She writes her reviews with the help of 18-month-old Henry and newborn Lillian. If you would like to submit a product or a review, contact