Cogmed Improves Working Memory

By Kimberly Hudson

The Curious Edge Foundation is changing lives of children, adolescents and adults faced with the challenge of working memory.

Cogmed training, a program offered this summer at The Curious Edge, improves memory capacity, focus, planning, following instruction, problem solving, ignoring distractions, improving organization skills and completing tasks.

The following are Cogmed case studies that demonstrate its results.

A 5-year-old in California struggled at school, finding it difficult to fit in socially and focus on his work.

His parents did not understand why he could not retain information.

They thought he was “just not listening,”

He reluctantly began Cogmed training. After completion, his mother reported huge improvements in his behavior, both in school and at home.

His teacher reports he is now able to follow directions and understand instruction.

He even has quit fighting at school and has made friends.

An 8-year-old girl in Hawaii rushed through schoolwork and made careless mistakes.

She would forget instructions from her parents and teachers, and had trouble staying on task.

She also had trouble controlling her emotions.

Diagnosed with ADHD, she was prescribed medication. Her mother, a teacher, knew the importance of early intervention with ADHD.

She discovered Cogmed and her daughter embraced the training with unusual eagerness for her age.

Quickly, she showed improvement with emotional control and frustration, and her academic improvement was significant.

After a summer of Cogmed training, she started the new school year with a bang, improving in all subjects, and scoring A’s and B’s on tests.

For the first time, she now writes in her planner to stay organized.

An intelligent 15-year-old young man in New Hampshire has to study more than most to retain information.

“Retaining information was always a problem for him,” said his father.

“Studying required many hours of review and memorization.”

Cogmed training increased his working memory capacity, lengthened his attention span and improved his ability to stay focused.

He now has an easier time retaining academic information.

To learn more about Cogmed, contact The Curious Edge at or (859) 899-3343.