Mommy’s Favorite Things- Bamboosa Blankets and Towels

Annie, our newest mommy reviewer, tested out a Bamboosa washcloth and blanket recently with her 18-month-old son and newborn daughter. Here is what she had to say about the products:

BamboosaWashcloth“I was able to use the washcloths on both my 18-month-old and my one-week-old. They are by far the softest I have ever used. Henry had spaghetti for dinner so sauce was, as you can guess, everywhere. He didn’t fight me as much as he normally would when I washed his face with the Bamboosa cloth. After giving him a bath I was excited to use them on Lillian for the softness on a newborn.”


BamboosaBlanket“My son is a blanket lover, he even makes sure Lillian always has her blanket. Henry carries around that (Bamboosa) blanket now as well. I love their products, softness is definitely something I look at when I buy anything for Henry and Lillian and Bamboosa definitely screams soft.”


Bamboosa products are made from a combination of organic bamboo and recycled materials. Prices range from $12 for washcloths to $44 for blankets. Bamboosa products can be found on their website here.


AnnieEckerAnnie is a stay-at-home mom, living in Lexington. She writes her reviews with the help of 18-month-old Henry and newborn Lillian. If you would like to submit a product or a review, contact