Create the Perfect Vintage Nursery

Want a lovely nursery with vintage touches?

Want a nursery that all the celebrities have, featured in home living magazines or plastered all over Pinterest? Then, keep reading for some tips and tricks to get that “Shabby Chic” or “Vintage & Timeless”. You don’t have to break your budget to get an aged and distressed look, and here’s how:

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  • Sepia Photos: Recreate the memory by printing off existing photos with the Sepia effect. The reddish brown color is often linked with monochrome photos of the 19th and 20th centuries. 
  • Paint or Trompel’œil: Try a Wall Mural such as an Antiqued Map, a Carousel, a Castle, a 1920’s Circus, or a Farm from the 30’s. You can also paint simple stripped lines with a glaze effect to give it that old, rugged feel.
  • Not a painter? How about Wallpaper?: Wallpaper can be the safest and easiest alternative to a wall mural. There is always the case that you may be renting or will want to re-do the room in a few years. Use wallpaper with similar patterns to Brocade, Harlequin, or Damask (as shown in the photograph).
  • Distressed Knobs: These can be bought or a DIY project. Try your local hardware store or antique shop, gently used knobs can be found as low as $1!
  • Mix-n-Match: Unique pieces are essential to any vintage nursery. Bring an item that you normally see in the living room or office. Vases, Clocks, or Side Table, you’d be surprised at what they can do in a nursery.
  • Ornate Frames: Any frame with the style you like can be painted to match your nursery’s theme.
  • Rustic Colors: Burnt Orange, Smokey Gray, Distressed Navy, Warm Red, Olive Vine, Golden Brass are a few rustic colors that would work wonderfully in this theme.
  • Distinctive Furniture: Set your furniture apart even more by using a non-toxic baby safe glaze or color wash or make your own milk wash to give pieces an antique or vintage look. Don’t want to spend the time doing it yourself, then purchase your furniture distressed already. At Baby’s Room & Kids Too most of the cribs come in a lightly-distressed finishes like Snowdrift, or the newer Vintage Grey and Slate finishes. These would be the perfect complement to your vintage nursery.