Brain Training Can Prepare Your Teen for College

We’ll start with the bad news – your teen may not be ready for college even if he can remember math formulas or World War II dates.

Brain experts say being smart is the combination of knowledge and IQ, and both need to be in tip-top shape to get into the top universities.

The good news – your teen’s IQ can be increased by strengthening cognitive skills through programs like LearningRx.

But what’s the difference between knowledge and IQ?

Knowledge is the information gained from memorizing academic material like historical facts, mathematical formulas or grammar rules.

IQ is a measure of intelligence, including spatial reasoning, logical ability and relationships.

This number was once thought to be stagnant, but brain researchers know it can be improved.

Our brains have the lifelong ability to adapt and build thanks to neuroplasticity.

Neuroplasticity allows our brains to find new and better ways to reorganize neural pathways, or “information highways,” and even build new ones.

When the brain is exposed to a difficult or unfamiliar task, it’s forced to strengthen and “rewire” itself.

This process is the basis of LearningRx, a customized brain training program that strengthens cognitive skills through intense mental workouts.

Enhancing cognitive skills can play a significant role in academic and lifelong financial success.

In a 2003 study by the Princeton Review, researchers created a cognitive skills ranking using an SAT to IQ Estimator.

College freshman who scored in the top 19% in cognitive skills were accepted into state colleges; the top 9% into private colleges; the top 0.2% into Ivy League schools.

Because brain training can increase I.Q. by up to 20 points, it also increases earning power, which is linked to intelligence.

Not only can brain training increase your teen’s likelihood of getting into a top university, but it can ensure lifelong success after college.

If you want a snapshot into your teen’s cognitive abilities, take the three-minute online Learning Skills Discovery Survey.

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