St. Mary, Founded in 1888, Stays True To Catholic Values

St. Mary School in Paris is celebrating its 125th anniversary and remains as committed today to its strong Catholic values and high academic standards as it was when the doors first opened.

With 76 students, St. Mary School offers an intimate learning environment and that’s just the way the school likes it.

The Catholic school emphasizes spiritual development, responsible behavior and academic skills that will serve students in high school, college and beyond.

To enhance their Christ-centered faith, students attend mass daily.

Academically, the school continues to score above the national averages year after year.

St. Mary School offers a low student-to-teacher ratio. Teachers divide their classes into groups, allowing for individualized instruction and for students to proceed at their own pace.

Lead Teacher Johnna Malone has a unique perspective as her daughter attends school at St. Mary.

“I know she is safe here emotionally and spiritually,” Malone said. “I know she will grow spiritually. She is able to express herself comfortably, which is important to me.”

If you are looking for individualized attention and academic excellence with a family atmosphere, St. Mary School is the place for you.