St. Agatha Academy Adopts Classical Curriculum

Known for its academic excellence and strong faith formation since 1919, St. Agatha Academy in Winchester is building on the time-proven methods of the past.

Beginning fall 2013, St. Agatha Academy adopted a new classical liberal arts curriculum, becoming the only Catholic classical school in Central Kentucky.

Subjects are bound together by the narrative of history, giving students the ability to make connections and develop a deep, comprehensive world view.

The classical curriculum provides a liberal arts education rooted in the Trivium: Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric. This approach encourages critical thinking skills by working with students’ natural development and curiosity.

From Montessori Kindergarten through eighth grade, each year will correspond with a different historical era from the Cradle of Civilization through Greek, Roman, Medieval, Modern, and American history.

Students also learn Latin from second grade through middle school. Latin is a powerful tool for teaching English vocabulary.

“We are excited to begin our classical program, similar to the ‘Great Books’ model, integrating literature, history, and religion which will further our students’ broadest intellectual and deepest moral potential,” Principal John Pica said.