Maternity Clothes Shopping Tips

MaternityShoppingPhotoDressing your baby bump can be as much fun as dressing your actual baby. It may be tempting to buy a whole new wardrobe, but maternity clothes are only temporary so new moms should consider a few tips before heading to the mall.
  • Consider buying a belly band. A belly band, or tummy sleeve, is a great way to extend the life of your pre-pregnancy jeans, and it helps transition back into them after you’ve given birth. Some even have a lace trim so it simply looks like a cute tank top under your shirt, like this one from Ingrid and Isabel.
  • Borrow or shop second-hand. Clothes Mentor and Ladybug Landing in Lexington carry consignment maternity clothes for a fraction of the mall price. Or check out websites like Bump To Bump Maternity for online consignment, or to trade other items you may have in exchange for maternity clothes.
  • Try it on! Most major maternity stores like Motherhood offer a padded belly you can use if you aren’t showing yet. This helps you determine how that cute dress will really fit in four months.
  • Stick with your usual style. If you know what you are comfortable in, stay classic and don’t go overboard with trends. Buy the basics first, like solid-colored T-shirts, a black dress, and a few pairs of jeans or work slacks. Fill in your personal style from there.
  • Know your fabrics. Cotton blends, jersey and lycra are stretchy and may last longer as your belly grows. You also want to know what fabrics may feel itchy or clingy and which ones are breathable and flexible.
  • Buy layers. Your body temperature will range from arctic to scorching within a few hours. Basic maternity T-shirts can be paired with cardigans and scarves you already own.
  • Don’t forget the nursing clothes. If you plan on breastfeeding, go ahead and get a few nursing tops and tanks. It will save you the hassle when you have a newborn at home. You may also want to buy nursing bras now anyway if your cup size has increased during pregnancy. Ask to be measured by a sales associate so you get the best fit for your body.
  • Embrace the change! The days of billowy shirts and circus-tent dresses during pregnancy are gone. Don’t be afraid to wear clothes that contour to your bump. Whether you choose empire waist shirts or belly-hugging dresses, wear them with confidence and that is the only accessory you need.