KORE Offers Help For Children With Learning Differences

KORE Academy, a small private school in Lexington, has a clear mission: to help students with learning differences such as ADHD, dyslexia, high functioning autism spectrum disorders, math issues, processing disorders and reading issues.

Parents are often surprised that KORE, an accredited school, is so small but soon realize what a powerful advantage that can be for students with learning issues.

In larger schools, children with learning challenges can become frustrated because they don’t get the right help.

KORE offers a nurturing environment where kids thrive. Highlights include:

  • An emphasis on small classes, Individual Education Plans, blended grade levels from primary through high school, grouping students according to grade level, ability and maturity.
  • Speech and language professionals who test KORE students to ensure they get the right attention.
  • Because research shows that performance increases when students experience good sound quality, KORE offers surround sound amplifiers in four classrooms and the portable systems can be moved as needed.

Despite its size, KORE offers art programs, band and music, community service projects, computers in classrooms, fall festivals, family fun nights, field trips, P.E. classes and outdoor time,and theater workshops.