Grade-Schooler Finds Focus With Brain Training

learning-rx-kidIt began with a suggestion. A fellow teacher at Providence Christian Academy told Angela Bennett that her 10-year-old son Aiden was struggling at school.

“Aiden is a very intelligent boy with high test scores. He has the focus and attention of an 8-year-old,”Angela said.

Attention issues sabotaged his academics. He struggled to complete his assignments and needed to take much work home.

In addition, Angela noticed that Aiden’s issues were affecting his social life.

Desperate to help and committed to avoid medication for her son, she went to LearningRx on a recommendation from Aiden’s teacher.

LearningRx helps students perform better in school by using brain training to boost their cognitive processes.

The LearningRx program identifies, targets and strengthens specific skill sets much like different exercises target specific muscle groups.

An initial evaluation of Aiden pinpointed his need to improve focus.

“It was right there in black and white,” Angela said.

Aiden started the three-month program in October and before long, he showed improvement.

“Aiden’s teacher did not constantly have to remind him to stay on task,” Angela said.

Four days per week, Angela has driven Aiden 45 minutes from their home in George-town to Learn-ingRx in Lexington where he attends 75-minute sessions with his trainer, Ryan.

“Aiden never complains,” Angela said. “He and Brian have a great relationship. I can hear them laughing from the waiting room.”

With 12 hours left in the program, Aiden will graduate at the end of January.

Angela expects to see Aiden smiling even bigger than he does now when he walks into his classroom. LearningRx has not only improved Aiden’s academic life, but also his relationship with his peers, his mood and his self-confidence.

LearningRx was a financial sacrifice,” Angela admits “but if offered a permanent change, not just temporary, not just a band-aid.

“It’s been very important in seeing how much it has changed Aiden.

“How happy it has made him has made LearningRx worth it for me.”

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