Personal Path Led To Helping Others

By Kimberly Hudson

In 2006 I learned that I had a malignant tumor. I underwent two operations and radiation, while my family stepped up and helped care for my three daughters.

Meeting cancer was a life-changing experience that led me to sell my practice and become a stay-at-home mom… or so I thought.

I found myself immersed in finding a way to marry my background in cognitive rehabilitation and my growing passion for education.

I studied in California and earned my certification to diagnose dyslexia. My extensive background in neurology made this a fascinating area of study.

Within two years, I saw some alarming warning signs in my daughter’s school performance that made me realize I needed to ask a colleague to evaluate her.

The results indicated moderate to severe dyslexia.

I reflected back on my battle with cancer and realized I should appreciate that personal experience as changing my professional path.

Had I not decided to dive into an area of study that turned out to affect my daughter, she may have become a school casualty.

That highly personal experience has ignited my passion to help other families provide their children every opportunity available by giving them the tools for success.

I realized that my education, paired with my life experiences, opened many doors for my family. I wanted to do the same for others.

Three years before my cancer diagnosis, my husband and I had bought two commercial office units that we planned on sharing to house our separate businesses.

At the time, we shared a receptionist and 1,200 square feet of office space. Ten years later, I am humbled that both businesses have outgrown that setup.

My husband’s business has expanded into three office units and I just recently bought a 3,150 square foot office at 401 Lewis Hargett Circle, suite No. 120.

I moved into the new location for The Curious Edge in November.

It is exciting to have more room to change lives. That sounds dramatic, but each student that we are able to give the proper tools to excel academically is another person that will become a productive member of society.

I am privileged to have grown my services to a level that has produced enough positive change that required a larger office.

While I didn’t choose to walk the path of cancer, I am thankful that crazy road helped strengthen my desire to affect positive change in others and help them unlock potential.