Baby-Proofing Checklist

BabySafetyBaby proofing can be an overwhelming task when your baby becomes mobile. It’s important to remember that “mobile” doesn’t mean just walking or crawling.

As soon as a baby can scoot, roll or army crawl, the risk for unintentional home injury skyrockets.

It may be frustrating to have to alter your home, but babies are curious creatures. They can’t recognize the dangers of playing with a window blind cord or know that climbing in the dryer is a bad idea.

Here is our checklist of baby proofing supplies to get you started when assessing your home’s safety needs.



  • Cover for water spout. Plastic or inflatable covers protect baby’s head from bumps.
  • Locks for cabinets and drawers. Keep all medicine and cleaning supplies locked up or out of reach.
  • Toilet lock.
  • Cover for hot water handle.

Bedrooms and Living Areas

  • Furniture corner covers and fireplace covers to cushion sharp corners.
  • Electrical socket covers.
  • Power cord cover.
  • Furniture wall straps, to anchor furniture to the wall.
  • Window blind cord winder.
  • Window wedge or guard.
  • Door knob covers.
  • Door jamb stoppers.
  • Baby gates for stairs or any other doorways.


  • Stove guard and knob covers.
  • Locks for cabinets and drawers, especially those holding cleaning supplies, utensils, plastic bags, anything sharp or glass, and foods baby should not eat.
  • Appliance locks for oven, refrigerator, dishwasher, and front loading washer and dryers.
  • Garbage cans should also be locked or kept out of reach.

A great way to decide what baby proofing your home needs it to get on the ground and see things from your baby’s point of view. You may not need every item on the list, but many are essentials that can be lifesavers.