Buying a “Big Kid” Bed

Buying a “big kid” bed for your child can become an intimidating experience when you see the number of choices you have. And your child’s opinion may be opposite of what you have in mind. But, your child will be spending many nights in this bed, so don’t compromise on a bad decision – the safety of your child should be of the utmost importance. And be sure you have a bed that can support the weight of an adult in case you or another family member also uses the bed

Always make sure the bed, especially with a bunk bed, conforms to all safety standards and codes. Bunks should have safety rails on both sides of the top bed, and the steps of a ladder should be spaced so the child can safely get up and down. And many bunks and loft beds are now available with stairs (providing more storage!) instead of a ladder.

Kids can accumulate a large amount of clothes, toys, dirty laundry and “stuff”, making storage an important issue in what is typically  one of the smaller rooms in the house. There are beds however that can help resolve this dilemma. Captain’s beds or low loft beds have storage drawers or dressers underneath. This is one of the best ways to utilize this space that would otherwise be home to dust bunnies, missing socks and, of course…monsters. Neat and efficient storage, as well as restful sleep knowing that there is no space left under the bed for the boogieman.

Most beds also offer a trundle bed option whereby the under bed storage space allows for an additional pull-out bed.

Now comes the fun part…loft beds that look like castles or playhouses with curtains, tents and towers. Some even have slides, which might make it easier to get up (or down) in the morning. As your child grows, these theme beds can have the curtains and slides removed and can be easily converted to storage with the addition of dressers, desks and bookcases underneath. Fun and functional beds offering sleep, study and storage.

The best bed for your child is the one that keeps her safe, and both of you sleeping soundly.


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