Safe Sleep Quick Hits

CribSafetyYour new baby spends most of his time asleep during the first few months of life, so make sure his crib is a safe environment.

Here are a few basic safety tips for better sleep for baby:

  • No loose blankets, pillows or toys. These pose a suffocation hazard.
  • No mobiles or dangling toys within baby’s reach. Babies can be strangled by these toys
  • Keep blind cords and baby monitor cords out of reach as well.
  • No gaps between mattress and sides of the crib.
  • Check for recalls on cribs, bassinets and play yards to make sure yours are still safe to use. NEVER try to modify an old crib to meet new safety standards.
  • Crib slats should be no more than 2 3/8 inches apart, to prevent baby’s head from getting stuck.
  • Always lay your baby down to sleep on his back.

More info on sleep safety is available at the following sites: