Birth Rally Sees Support from Families and Professionals

BirthRallyLogoAround 400 people came out for Lexington’s first ever Rally to Improve Birth on Sept. 2. Local businesses, doulas, midwives, and breastfeeding resources shared information about their services with the public, and Lexington parents were encouraged to educate themselves on their birthing options and stand up for what they want.

Cristen Pascucci, vice president of, was an organizer of the event and felt it represented a shift in how Kentucky moms are thinking about childbirth.

“I think the success of this event shows that moms want something different,” she said. “We want options, and we want information, and most of all, we want our voices to be heard in the care that affects us and our babies.”

Pascucci said one local hospital has already contacted the Lexington chapter of Improving Birth about how they can implement more mom-friendly practices.

Kentucky has the seventh highest rate of Caesarean births in the nation, at 35.4 percent of births. That is more than double the rate recommended by the World Health Organization.

Pascucci said Improving Birth is looking forward to continue raising awareness among families through fun and educational events throughout the year. The organization is currently gauging interest in a class about Vaginal Birth After Caesarean. Those interested in the class can contact Improving Birth-Lexington on their Facebook page here.