Moms Earn Their Badges

Every mom feels unappreciated every once in a while. We try to teach our children manners, but a coerced “thank you” from a toddler rings hollow.

I don’t expect a parade every time I make dinner, but a little recognition would help.

After spending an evening cleaning baby poop out of the bathtub, a mom friend decided that moms deserve tangible recognition for the things we accomplish, like Girl Scout badges.

We could wear them on our diaper bags with pride, letting other moms know that we are part of the club.

I’ve written up some suggestions for how we can earn each merit badge.

  • Arts & Crafts: Earned by attempting any type of Pinterest decorating project.
    You get double points if you try to make art requiring a wiggly baby’s hand or footprint.
  • Finances: I’d award this badge for putting spare change in your child’s piggy bank or at least Googling “How to start a college fund.”
  • Leadership: This badge is earned the first time you utter the words, “Because I said so.”
  • Health & Fitness: Can be earned by running laps around the living room chasing a toddler or dead-lifting 25 pounds of baby on a daily basis.
  • Camping: Any time you fall asleep on the floor next to a crib, covered by a blanket the size of a large napkin, using a stuffed Care Bear as pillow counts as camping to me.

When the world needs reminding that you earned the title of Mother through a series of ugly chores, simply strap on your sash of badges.

The badges are where the Girl Scout similarities will stop though. We probably won’t leave every room cleaner than we found it, and we certainly won’t sell cookies.
I’d just eat them all myself.

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