Maternity Concierge Comes to Lexington with ‘Baby Dreams’

Lexington moms may not be able to hire Bravo’s maternity guru Rosie Pope as their own baby planner, but luckily, Chante Perryman is here to help.

Perryman recently launched Baby Dreams Maternity Concierge, a full-service baby planning business located in Lexington.

As the mother of two-year-old Zoe, Perryman feels she knows what an expectant mother needs. Perryman formerly worked in the hospitality industry with a focus on event planning. After she watched a few episodes of the Rosie Pope show, “Pregnant in Heels,” Perryman realized her skills could help parents who need some extra support during pregnancy.

“The ‘a-ha’ moment was when I was sitting on my mom’s couch while she was Nana-sitting,” she said.  “I remember thinking I could have really used some professional assistance during my pregnancy with resources and information.  I really wanted to pursue it as a career to comfort and prevent women from going through the “I don’t knows,” “Who can help me” and “Where do I go for this” moments.”

As a maternity concierge, Perryman offers services such as car seat installation and education, nursery organization, hospital preparation, product research and demonstrations, registry creation and more.

The average cost of a baby planner ranges anywhere from $30 an hour to a flat fee of hundreds of dollars, Perryman said. It all depends on what type of support parents need.

“(Cost) depends on if the a la carte option is used or if parents select from packages. In the end, using a maternity concierge can save parents money from purchasing items they may hardly ever use,” she said.

Special circumstances such as bed rest often raise the need for a baby planner, but Perryman said all parents could benefit from a helping hand.

“I would like for parents to know that they don’t have to feel overwhelmed and support is available,” she said. “With more couples working full time careers, sometimes planning for a baby can be stressful.”

Chante and ZoeBaby Dreams offers a free first-time consultation. Parents can learn more by contacting Perryman at (859) 396-4969 or Visit her website or Facebook page as well for more info.