Helping ‘Rocky Road’ Kids Make the Grade

By Kimberly Hudson

It’s hard to believe it is back to school time! Like you, I’ve enjoyed a simpler summer schedule.

Our family has not had homework worries or frenzied mornings trying to get everyone out the door.

School can bring many worries. (I have a child in high school, one in middle and another in elementary school.)

The priority placed on education today and the competition for success has made me more aware (and sometimes anxious) about each of my children’s academic progress.

When a child functions well in school, everyone reaps the rewards.

When struggles arise, life becomes more difficult and a child’s self-esteem can suffer.

There seems to be two groups of kids: the Easy Street Kids and the Rocky Road Kids.

Easy Street Kids generally manage the academic, social and behavioral demands throughout each phase of development.

In turn, they receive positive reinforcement from parents and teachers.

Rocky Road Kids encounter potholes and often receive negative reinforcement that can lead to frustration and behavioral issues.

Cracks in a child’s learning can be identified as early as preschool and kindergarten.

Is your child having trouble learning letter names and their sounds?

Can your kindergartner follow directions? Is your child aggressive or pushy on the playground?

Like cracks in your house that expand, if ignored or untreated, these cracks may widen.

I often see older children whose cracks were present early but the belief was, “He’ll grow out of it… You know how boys are.”

There is nothing like daily homework struggles to raise household frustration levels. Screaming and arguing can cause the Rocky Road Kid’s emotional fuel tank to become depleted.

Punish-ments often pile up and eventually the anger spews out in statements such as “you can’t make me” or “you can’t control me.”

The Curious Edge can help our Rocky Road Kids have greater success.

Don’t assume those cracks will fix themselves. Allow us at Curious Edge to address the cracks in the foundation before they become permanent damage.

We can identify the individual gifts that every student possesses.

We infuse today’s technology with research-based, multi-sensory approaches to teaching reading, writing, spelling and math.

Additionally, we work with families and assist them with all of their educational needs.