Getting Started With a New Program

LearningRx offers brain training, a simple but powerful way to enhance a student’s core ability to learn faster, easier and better.

  • For students coming to LearningRx the first step is actually a three-part series: seminar, assessment consultation. There is no obligation to continue.

1) The seminar is for anyone who wants to learn more about the program. The staff reviews methods, discusses the “path of the student” and demonstrates a few exercises.
The intent is to help parents understand how different and more effective LearningRx is from tutoring.

2) The assessment consists of the Woodcock-Johnson Cognitive and Achievement test. This is designed to analyze a person’s ability to learn and evaluate in terms of long- and short-term memory, visual and auditory processing, processing speed, logic and reasoning, and core ability to read.

LearningRx gives the test for several reasons.

  • Pre- and post-tests can identify quantifiable data changes.
  • Parents learn their child’s general mental ability.
  • The test ensures that students are in the right place. If the child is doing poorly in school and scores quite high on the assessment, then maybe there is something else going on.

3) The consultation is scheduled for a different day so the staff has time to review test results.

Staff members do a lot of listening during the consultation. They want to learn why the family is there.

Usually, the family shares problems such as tests or homework taking too long, poor grades in reading and math, etc.

The staff then shares test results with the family and explains what the numbers mean.

The consultation is used to determine the correct program for the student. The staff uses what the parents tell them as well as the test results to recommend a program that will yield the best and quickest results.

This is usually when a decision is made about entering a program.

  • Once parents decide they want to continue with LearningRx, the family goes through orientation.
  • Additional testing is done based on the program chosen.
  • All paperwork is completed.
  • Times are scheduled for administering the program. (LearningRx is open seven days a week.)
  • Staff members also ask parents about the student’s favorite teacher/coach etc., then try to match the student with the right trainer.
  • Programs last from three-eight months depending on the needs of the child.
  • Prices and payment plans depend on the length of the program and how much is done at home as opposed to at the center.