Back to School Is Time To Consider Brain Training

Learning-RX-LogoSchool starts in Fayette County on Aug. 14. Are you ready?

Do you have all the pencils and crayons, sneakers that fit your child and a backpack with a working zipper?

Have your kids done their summer reading, practiced their multiplication tables, done their brain training?

Brain training? What is that?

Brain training is a simple but powerful way to enhance a student’s core ability to learn faster, easier and better.

The term neuro-plasticity defines the brain’s ability to change and modify neuron activity and connections in reaction to increased learning demand.

The gray matter in the brain can actually thicken, and neural connections can be forged and refined based on activities.

Brain training takes advantage of neuroplasticity by engaging a student in specially designed exercises to promote rapid strengthening and growth of these neuronal connections.

Brain Training is a collection of learning tools used by the trainers at LearningRx in Lexington.

Over a period of weeks or months, trainers help students improve their cognitive function through these techniques.

Who can be helped by brain training?

Students of all ages. LearningRx brain training has the power to improve the quality of life and learning for almost any student regardless of the current level of learning or reading success.

Students who struggle with ADHD, autism, dyslexia or other related learning disabilities can find brain training techniques particularly helpful.

How do we begin?

The trainers at LearningRx will first administer a series of cognitive skills assessment tests to see where your student’s strengths and weaknesses lie.

These tests enable the trainers to identify specific brain skills weaknesses, then target those weaknesses with a carefully designed series of brain training exercises.

The test results also give you what you need to make informed decisions about the value of brain training for you or your family.

How will you know if it’s working?

LearningRx staff administers the cognitive skills tests after training is completed.

Routinely, the tests show that on average LearningRx clients experience an average of three years of reading improvement and a 15-point increase in IQ in as little as six months of brain training.

Where do we begin?

LearningRx at 185 Pasadena Drive, St. #115 is offering free seminars, Aug. 14 and 28 at 6:30 p.m.

Info: 373-0002 or visit