Will Sallee: A Golf Standout Is in the Works


Will Sallee

• School: Lafayette High
• Grade: 12th
• Sports: Golf
• Academics: Will has a 4.57 weighted GPA in advanced classes and volunteers at his church.
• Parents: Jenny & Todd

Hard work and daunting obstacles are nothing to Lafayette High golfer Will Sallee.

The 17-year-old rising senior works year-round and around-the-clock on his golf game, making him one of the top youth players in the Bluegrass.

In the Lexington Junior City Tournament, he has been the age-group champion three times, including this year in the 17-18-year-old division when he finished with a 69 at Kearney Hill Golf Course to win the title.

Breaking par in tournament play has become routine for Will, who has racked up seven such sub-par rounds.

In his first Larry Gilbert Tour event this year, he won the Gibson Bay tournament in Richmond with a 71.

He also scored his first hole-in-one last season, and it came during a high school tournament on the 215-yard eighth hole on the Wildcat course at the University Club.

With those credentials, his impeccable sportsmanship and his stellar citizenship (Will has volunteered at Southland Christian Church, working with preschoolers in the nursery), he was selected to represent the area in the First Tee Open.

The tournament pairs young players from around the country with senior players on the PGA Champions Tour at picturesque Pebble Beach Golf Course along the California coast.

Will played with senior tour player Roger Chapman and shared the lunchroom with such golf stars as Ben Crenshaw, a two-time winner of the Masters.

“That was an awesome experience, something I’ll never forget,” Will said.

“The course is amazing and I could see what the pros do and how they prepare. There was a lot to learn.”

Will took those lessons to heart as he does with all his preparation for his goal of earning a college scholarship.

Will posted the highest weighted GPA of his high school career last spring – a 4.57 in advanced classes – and has a 4.1 overall GPA.

“School doesn’t necessarily come easily to Will,” his mother, Jenny, said.

“He’s a hard worker and plugs away. I’ve seen him watch YouTube videos to get his math homework done.”

When Jenny started working at Curious Edge, which specializes in the testing and treatment of dyslexia, she brought Will in for an evaluation.

The tests confirmed that Will had moderate dyslexia, and also showed that he had discovered ways to compensate.

Said Jenny: “After the test, I realized it was a tribute to Will and all the hard work he has put in to get good grades.”