Sweet Dreams for Little Sleepers

A new baby in the house often means no sleep- for anyone. Luckily there are many products to help baby sleep, which gives mom and dad the chance to rest. Here are our favorite sleep items for babies.

SleepSackHalo Sleep Sack

Loose blankets pose a smothering hazard in the crib, so a sleep sack is a safer alternative. Simply zip baby into the closed, warm pouch and you won’t worry about them kicking off the blankets or getting tangled up.

$16.99 at Wal-Mart



Twilight TurtleTwilight Turtle Night Light

The soft light projects stars on the ceiling in three different colors, which gives baby a night light and something fun to look at as they fall asleep. It has an automatic timer and a constellation booklet for when baby gets a little older and wants to stargaze.

$29.99 at Baby’s Room & Kids Too



SwaddleBlanketSwaddleMe Swaddling Blanket

Wrapping up a baby burrito is an art form- but it can be much easier with a Velcro swaddling blanket. The blanket has a pouch to slip baby’s legs in, then the sides criss-cross and Velcro in place to give your newborn the secure feeling of the womb.

$9.99 at Target



SleepSheep2Sleep Sheep Noise Machine

Newborns are accustomed to the ambient noise heard when mom was still pregnant. A noise machine creates soothing sounds as baby adjusts to life on the outside. This one doubles as a cute stuffed animal, and has four soothing sounds including a heartbeat rhythm!

$29.99 at Buy Buy Baby

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