Summer Strolling Safety

With summer quickly approaching, you’ll be more tempted to go for strolls in the neighborhood,.  Take the time to appropriately inspect your stroller and make sure it is properly functioning.  Here are some stroller safety tips for your next trip out:

  • Check Your Stroller.  Before going on any trip with your infant, check your stroller for any broken or missing pieces. Make sure there are no sharp plastic objects that could harm your child, and check that the railings are in the proper places so that the child can not reach out of the stroller.
  • Use the Stroller Brakes.  When stopping for a long period of time, be sure to utilize the brakes on your child’s stroller. Even if you think you’ve stopped on a flat surface, take the extra precaution to put on the brakes to prevent the stroller from rolling away.
  • Stand Close By. Even with the brakes on, always be within arm’s reach of your stroller and your child, just in case your quick reaction is needed.
  • Buckle Up!  Make sure your child is always buckled in securely. Children tend to wiggle and move when in the carriage, so put the belt on to prevent the stroller from tipping over or the child from falling out.
  •  Stand Back.  When opening and closing your stroller, be sure that your child is standing away from the stroller. With the hinges and locks, children fingers can sometimes get caught in the stroller mechanisms, so for their safety make sure the stroller is completely secure and locked before entering or exiting the stroller.

With these tips you can ensure your child’s safety, and have a happy and active summer!