Sugar & Spice Boutique: New Location Offers Birthday Party Room for Drama Queens, Pampered Princesses

sugar-and-spice-1Sugar & Spice kids boutique, formally located in Lansdowne, has relocated to the Richmond Road area and just got a little more spicey.

New owner, Summer Reese, loved the concept of boutique clothing for kids, but as a mother of two, knows all too well the financial constraints raising multiple children can present.

Also, understanding the word “boutique” equates to “expensive” in the consumer’s mind, Reese wanted to change this mindset by offering kids clothing with a “boutique look at a mom-pleasing price.”

“Sadly, our kids are growing up in an era when they are defined by what they wear, not who they are,” Reese said.

“I want the kid to define the fashion, versus the fashion defining the kid.”

Thus, Reese opened the new location with lower price points and expanded sizes, accommodating both boys and girls up to a size 16.

In addition to the retail modifications Reese implemented, she made Sugar & Spice a one-stop shop for kids’ fashion and fun by adding a full menu of specialty parties held on site.

“I think every girl loves to look great and go to a party, so why not offer it all under the same roof?” Reese said.

Sugar & Spice party packages are based on two themes: “A Pampered Princess” and “The Drama Queen.”

Both parties are suitable for all ages, however the “ Pampered Princess” is geared toward younger girls and “The Drama Queen” caters to girls in their tweens.

Both themes include various combinations of an apparel/accessory craft; a mini-manicure/pedicure experience; and a specialty hair design, featuring braids that only highly skilled “servants,” as the party hosts are termed, could create.

“Choosing the party themes was the easiest part of this massive project, because I didn’t choose, I let the kids design them,” Reese said.

“I learned in my early stages of motherhood, a child is the happiest when it was their idea.”

After a quick call to her business consultant – a mother of four herself – Summer soon had four pages of hair/nail and accessory fun, designed by a 13-year-old girl and her friends.

Sugar and Spice’s party packages are scheduled in two-hour increments.


“But the party can last as long as your pampered princess or drama queen sees fit and can be tailored to suit her needs,” Reese said.

Sugar & Spice also offers an “All About Me” party package where the customer creates her own party, a la carte style.

Sugar & Spice is proud to be a partner with The Foster Care Council of Lexington, by donating a percentage of all proceeds to help clothe Lexington’s local foster children.

Reese and her “servants” are now scheduling parties at 3101 Richmond Road, Suite 301, next to the Richmond Road Kroger, Monday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-8 p.m., and Sunday, noon-7 p.m.

To schedule a party or for more spicey details, call 523-9600 or visit