Sphinx Academy: New School a Perfect Fit For Homeschoolers

The Sphinx Academy, a new school that offers students in sixth through 12th grade a blended-learning, flexible environment, is especially well-suited for homeschooled children.

Blended learning is a combination of online courses and face-to-face instruction and interaction that fosters independence, choice and community involvement.

Homeschoolers may enroll in any of the online courses offered at the Sphinx Academy, including more than 100 electives.

Students receive the full support of the subject teachers as well as learning coaches.

Additionally, students may pick and choose among the Sphinx Academy’s on-site, hands-on courses through community partners such as a unique drama course with

Kentucky Shakespeare Company, a physics and engineering project based on courses through Newton’s Attic, art appreciation/art history through Clear Creek Designs, as well as film studies, music appreciation, study skills, life skills and lab courses.

The Sphinx Academy can also help homeschoolers create their own independent courses focusing on their area of interest. The school provides the support needed to gain high school credit for these courses.

Additionally, homeschoolers are able to join the school for the fall trip as well as the international trip to England in April 2014.