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Sarah Hutchinson

Lexington Catholic Dancer
Parents: Amanda & Rob

You’d have to be as nimble afoot as dancer Sarah Hutchinson to keep up with the Lexington Catholic graduate’s packed schedule.

The 18-year-old will attend Centre College in the fall after posting a 98.2 average in high school, including seven A.P. classes.

Sarah earned a Commonwealth Diploma, scored 30 on her ACT and was a National Honor Society member.

Consider her other accomplishments:

  • President of senior class, President of Spanish club, Hugh O’Brian Youth Leadership Ambassador, Smith College Book Award winner and Captain of the varsity dance team
  • Chairperson of Lexington Catholic Dance Blue charitable fund-raiser for two years
  • Member of school Presidential Advisory Committee and Advanced Women’s Chorale for four years, and one of two youth representatives on the Catholic Identity Committee that addressed diocese and school issues
  • Representative on Cardinal Hill Hospital Teen Board and Fayette County Youth Coalition for Alcohol Education.
  • Volunteer for Salvation Army, Carnegie Center for Learning & Literacy, Community Action Center and Ronald McDonald House.
  • Member of Calvary Baptist Church Youth Group and Choir.

And she’s working on her Girl Scout Gold Award by devising a self-improvement program for young teen girls.

If you get the impression she’s a humorless drone, forget it. She’s bright, articulate and has a wicked sense of humor.

spotlight-arts-sarah-hutchinsonShe broke up intense workouts for the Lexington Catholic dance team, which finished second at Jamfest Super Nationals, by teaching teammates Gangnam Style dance moves. (If you gotta know, YouTube it.)

The next minute, she is quoting Thomas Merton, a Catholic writer, mystic and Trappist Monk at the Abbey of Gethsemani in New Haven, Ky.

When asked why she dances, Sarah said, “like Thomas Merton said, ‘Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time.’”

Sarah has danced since she was 3, been singing for nearly as long and has always been an enthusiastic self-starter.

“She is an intense young lady and always wants to better herself and her team,” her mother Amanda said.

Said her father, Rob: “Her performances are a joyous expression of her abilities.”

Eloquence runs in the family.

“Whatever kind of mood I’m in, when I go to dance class or practice I leave in the best mood ever,” Sarah said.

“When I’m dancing I can be somewhere else, caught up in that passion, and all there is are bright lights, rhinestones and your team.”

Now, that’s saying something.


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