Preschool: The 3 Most Important Questions

If you are a parent of a preschooler, it is likely that you are thinking about where to send your child to school.

If you’ve looked at preschools, you have probably realized that these programs differ considerably.

So how do you make the “right” decision for your child?

Here are the three most important questions you need to ask.

Whether you choose Lexington Christian Academy or not, your answers to these questions will set the direction for your child’s future success in school.

Question 1:
Does the school and your family share a common set of values?

There is nothing more confusing to a young child than to be in a school where the family’s values are contradicted or not reinforced.

If you are a parent who honors God in your home, then it is important that God is also honored in the classroom.

This not only includes in the curriculum, but also in the way teachers interact with students and how students treat one another.

Question 2:
What are the qualifications of the staff?

Be sure the preschool is licensed. This will ensure that the school you are considering meets at least the minimum standards.

However, you should seek a preschool that exceeds the “minimum” standards for its staff.

For example, the minimum education standard for a preschool teacher in Kentucky is a high school diploma.

Your child’s preschool teacher should hold a four-year college degree as well as teacher certification.

Question 3:
How will the curriculum prepare my child for kindergarten?

A good preschool curriculum is a balance of traditional approaches to learning as well as “hands-on” experiences.

Preschool should be more than playtime. The child’s love for learning should be nourished through a developmental, academic program.

In addition, find out if the preschool has “specials” classes (i.e. Spanish, art, music, P.E., computer).


A high-quality preschool will provide all of these opportunities for their students.

Please consider Lexington Christian Academy and the world-class, Christ-centered education that is available to your child.