New School Will Offer Strong Blend Of Educational Approaches

Like the mythical creature for which it’s named, the Sphinx Academy, opening in Lexington in August, is a hybrid of strong elements.

Serving students in seventh-12th grade, the school combines the independence of learning at one’s own pace inspired by Montessori, the freedom of exploration that is the backbone of homeschooling and the use of multiple intelligences strategies endorsed by special education.

Students will be offered courses through Connections Learning, an online course provider that presents multiple levels for core subjects ranging from standard to A.P. and more than 100 electives.

Mastery of these courses is assessed through creative hands-on projects, discussions, quizzes and authentic unit assessments.

Additionally, Connections Learning provides certified, experienced teachers with every course. Teachers are readily accessible through phone, e-mail and live sessions.

Working in collaboration with these teachers, Sphinx Academy’s learning coaches will support students in their day-to-day emotional, social and academic needs.

The teachers also will organize field trips, intern-ships, Socratic discussions, career exploration and more.

The school has established connections with local artists, craftsmen and professionals to provide real-world experiences and creative outlets.