Kaitlind’s Path to Success Is As Straight As An Arrow


Kaitlind Hydorn

• School: Henry Clay High

• Grade: 12th • Sport: Archery • Academics: Kaitlind has a 4.386 weighted GPA, has taken four A.P. classes and won a President’s Scholarship to EKU.

• Parents: Kathy & Dennis

Not many Scholar Athletes in the 15 years of the program can match the variety of accomplishment of 19-year-old Kaitlind Hydorn of  Henry Clay High.

Kaitlind is the first-ever archery team member chosen as a Scholar Athlete.

She joined the Henry Clay club team as a junior and excelled for the Blue Devils this year when archery became a state-sanctioned high school sport.

As a high school freshman in Florida, she helped the JV cheerleading squad to the state championship.

Florida is also where she went four-wheeling through the mud at a place called Hog Waller. (And who else has that on her resume?)

A history buff, Kaitlind has been profiled in the National History Club Newsletter for her work as the archivist of the school club.

Kaitlind is an avid reader (James Patterson is a favorite author) and always has a book going.

She’s a gung-ho member of the school Outdoors Club and tutors two neighborhood sisters after school as part of her community service class at Henry Clay.

In the classroom, Kaitlind carries a 4.386 weighted GPA, including four A.P. classes – which is even more impressive when you learn that Kaitlind has been diagnosed with ADHD.

“I have to write all my assignments down every day in my planner,” Kaitlind said.

That system obviously works. Along with her stellar GPA, Kaitlind already has passed three A.P. tests, all in history, and is enrolled in A.P. calculus.

She has earned a President’s Scholarship to Eastern Kentucky University where she plans to study chemistry.

“I don’t have a hard time with math and science and I like working in labs,” she said. “I like the precise, step-by-step procedures in science.”

She also relishes her role as the archivist for the school history club. She gathers information about the school and sends it to UK’s Special Collections.

“She is very motivated and independent,” said her father, Dennis. Added her mother, Kathy: “She is a hard worker and will stay up as late as she needs to get her work done.”

And then there’s archery where Kaitlind led all the females on the team.

“I love being the girl no one expects to be any good and then shoot 10’s and beat them,” she said.

Her parents are still wondering about the source of her interest in archery but have no quibbles with their daughter and her choices.

Said Kathy: “She is the best teenager you could ask for.”