Expert Advice: Pick One Winnable Challenge Per Week

Anita-courtneyAdvocate Anita Courtney advises busy families to start with small  steps when making lifestyle changes.

Lexington is lucky to have the Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition, a program that helps families introduce healthy eating and fitness into the lives of their children.

Anita Courtney, the founder and chairperson of the now 10-year-old Coalition, brings 34 years’ experience as a public health nutritionist to the Coalition.

Courtney, a mother of two and an advocate for good health, encourages busy, time-starved families to start small when considering lifestyle changes.

“Pick one small winnable challenge for your family,” she said. “Let the family work together to choose it.”

For example:

Everyone in the family agrees to eat one extra piece of fruit each day.

The whole family will play catch after dinner (or corn hole, or tag or take a walk)

When the family goes to dinner, everyone will order water instead of sugary drinks.

Try these changes for one week and then evaluate.

Said Courtney: “You have to see that it is doable, then decide: Is it a keeper? Then add another challenge.”