Debunking Myths About Hospice Care

Have you heard any myths about hospice care? We have. Here are the most common.

Myth: Hospice care is only for people with cancer.
Fact: Hospice care is for all patients facing any terminal illness.

Myth: Accepting hospice services means giving up, so you should put it off until the last moment.
Fact: Hospice is all about living life to the fullest. A recurring comment from patients and families is, “I wish I had called hospice sooner.”

Myth: Hospice care will be a financial drain on the family.
Fact: Hospice care is a benefit provided by Medicare, Medicaid, most private insurance and the V.A.
Hospice of the Bluegrass is a nonprofit organization, and thanks to the generosity of donors, no one is denied hospice care because of an inability to pay.

Myth: You can’t keep your own doctor if you become a hospice patient.
Fact: Hospice works closely with your physician to provide the best care for you.

Myth: I can only receive hospice care in the hospital.
Fact: Hospice services are provided wherever a patient resides – homes, nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and hospitals.

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