40 Reasons to Go the Full 40 Weeks

Warning: Inductions, C-Sections Can Be Hazardous to Both Mother and Baby

“Nobody likes to be rushed—especially babies!”

Your baby needs a full 40 weeks of pregnancy to grow and develop.

Although being done with pregnancy may seem tempting, especially during those last few weeks, inducing labor or scheduling a Cesarean birth is associated with increased risks for mom and baby, including prematurity, longer and more expensive hospital stays, dangerous levels of blood loss, infections and poor feeding.

Labor should only be induced for medical reasons – not for convenience or scheduling concerns.

Baby will let you know when she’s ready to emerge.

Until then, here are 20 of the 40 reasons to go at least the full 40 weeks of pregnancy. (For the full list, visit www.GoTheFull40.com).


  • End Right by Starting Right
  • Keeping all of your prenatal appointments helps ensure a healthier ending.
  • Let Nature Take Over
  • There are fewer complications and risks for both you and baby through natural birth than with C-sections, which is major abdominal surgery that causes more pain, requires a longer hospital stay and a longer recovery.
  • Birth a Brainier Baby
  • At 35 weeks your baby’s brain is only two-thirds the size it will be only five weeks later.
  • Boost Breastfeeding
  • Full term babies are better at breastfeeding than babies born earlier.
  • Set Her Thermostat
  • Baby will better regulate her temperature when born at term.
  • Recover Faster
  • Natural births are just that – natural. A C-section is major abdominal surgery.


  • Give Your Baby Time
  • Baby’s development will benefit from extra time since you may not know exactly when you got pregnant.
  • Let Baby Pick Her Birthday
  • If she decides to emerge after 37, weeks there’s no need to try to stop your spontaneous labor.
  • Reduce Your Baby’s Risks
  • Jaundice, low blood sugar and infection are less likely in term babies.
  • Build Your Baby’s Muscles
  • His muscles will be strong and firm, and ready to help him feed and move at term.
  • Maximize Those Little Lungs
  • Babies born only two or more weeks early can have twice the number of complications with breathing. Those complications can last a lifetime.
  • Respond to Requests to Speed Baby’s Birth With the Facts
  • Inductions often create more painful labors and can lead to C-sections.
  • Ignore People Who Say Induction Is Convenient
  • Nothing is convenient about a longer labor and increasing your risk of a C-section.
  • Finish Well
  • More time in the womb usually means less time in the hospital.


  • Relax!
  • Babies are usually so much easier to care for in the womb.
  • Snooze When You Can
  • What sleep you’re currently getting is actually quite a lot compared to the interruptions ahead.
  • Relish Parenting
  • Right now you know exactly where baby is and what he’s doing.
  • Postpone Changing Diapers
  • You’ll change more than 5,000, so that can wait.
  • Don’t Rush It
  • Make the best-possible birth experience.
  • Write Your Own Healthy Reason
  • If it gets baby a full 40 weeks of pregnancy it deserves to be on this list.