Yoga Class Creates “Sacred Space” for Fertility Struggles

BabyMoonMany women face fertility struggles, but Lexington yoga instructor Julie Ransdell is making sure they don’t have to face them alone.

Ransdell teaches Yoga for Fertility, a class to provide physical and emotional support to women trying to conceive.

Yoga is essential in restoring and stimulating our bodies and minds to their potential,” Ransdell said. “This class is designed to be a sacred space for women dealing with the stress of infertility to begin to heal.”

Ransdell started practicing yoga as a way to stay in shape, but quickly felt the call to share her passion with others. She became certified to teach in 2010 and began her class at Baby Moon in August.

Yoga provided a physical and mental safe space for Ransdell, especially since she was struggling with infertility herself.

“I believe my yoga practice had a profound affect on my attitude during that time,” she said. “I was able to come to my mat, take a deep breath, relax my body and mind and let life unfold.”

Finding outside support proved difficult for Ransdell, so she resolved to become that support for others. Any woman trying to conceive is welcome to attend her class to learn how to take better care of herself during a difficult time.

“Yoga helps women trying to conceive release stressors and energy holds, and begin to breathe with more ease,” Ransdell said. “In Yoga for Fertility, we focus on poses that open the hips, massage the reproductive organs, bring circulation to the center body, and restore the body to a more relaxed state.”

Baby Moon owner Anne Rust said clients feel physical benefits from the yoga along with the emotional support needed in times of fertility struggles.

“It’s designed to increase blood flow to reproductive organs, balance hormones, and support conception, and of course is designed for stress relief,” Rust said. “What’s even more important is that it gives these women a chance to connect with other women going through the same experience. That is huge for stress relief and emotional support, both important components of providing good care to women moving through fertility challenges.”

The class is on hiatus while Ransdell takes maternity leave. She is expecting a child due in April. Classes will resume June 21, on Fridays from 6-7:30 p.m. For more info call 420-6262 or visit