Left-over Easter Egg Crafts

If you’re like me, you have a giant bag of plastic Easter eggs leftover from the holiday. If you have the storage space, it’s easy to just save them for the next time the Easter Bunny comes hopping through.

But if you feel like putting them to year-round use, here are a few easy craft ideas using plastic eggs.


Musical instruments: Fill the bottom of the egg with a scoop of uncooked rice, then glue or tape the egg shut. Shake away! (Note: supervise young children carefully with this toy.)




Wobblies: Press Play-Doh in the bottom half of the egg. Paint silly faces on the top half, and you have some fun toys that will wobble but always straighten themselves up!



LettersGameLetter Game: Write an uppercase letter on the top part of the egg, and the lowercase on the bottom half. Let your kids try to match the letters.



MatchingGameMemory Game: Use the eggs as cups to hide several small objects on a table (paperclips, beads, pennies, etc;) Have at least two of each item hidden, and let your kids lift one at time. Try to remember where items are to match the pair!