Last Minute Things to Do…

Coming home with your new baby will be hectic. In the last couple of weeks before you head to the hospital, getting a few chores out of the way will make life easier during those first weeks back home.

  • Rearrange kitchen and bathroom cabinets so that the most-needed items are easiest to reach.
  • Stock up on frozen pre-cooked entrees and dinners for easier meals.
  • Clean kitchen and bathrooms as well as you can.
  • Wash, fold and put away baby clothes.
  • Set up changing stations on each floor of the house.
  • Pay or prepay household bills.
  • Get routine appointments like haircut, dentist, etc. out of the way.
  • Get birth announcements ready by pre-addressing and stamping envelopes.
  • Make necessary changes to life and health insurance plans.

And you can always get the man of the house to help with chores and activities!

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