You Must Remember This: Cameron Sings and Plays Golf


Cameron Holland

• School: Dunbar High
Grade: 12th
• Sport: Golf
• Academics: Cameron has a 3.8 GPA in advanced classes, volunteers through his church youth group and sings at church.
• Great-Grandparents: Maudie & Harold

If you can’t find Cameron Holland on the golf course or acing another test at Dunbar High, the 17-year-old senior will probably be singing somewhere.

Either at his home church, South Elkhorn Baptist, or at other area churches, Cameron is a frequent performer of hymns and contemporary Christian music. He’s been performing since he was 10, both in cantadas and in plays.

Memorizing lyrics and dialogue could be challenging for some, but not for Cameron, whose excellent memory is the foundation of his academic success.

He’s an honor roll student with a 3.8 GPA who will play golf next year at Transylvania University. He plans to major in pre-med or biology.

Cameron sees perfect symmetry between biology and his religious background.

“When you learn about the complexity of life, it helps you understand God’s complexity and power,” he said.

Cameron was raised by his great-grandfather Harold and his wife Maudie, who marvel at Cameron’s academic gifts.

At a young age, Cameron developed a word association technique that gives him close to total recall.

“I don’t have to study too much. I get it the first time in class and I’m a pretty decent writer,” Cameron said.

“But I’m a procrastinator. I seem to work best under pressure.”

That comes in handy on the golf course.

About the only thing he’s done longer than sing in church is play golf.

Cameron’s great-grandfather introduced him to the game as soon as he learned to walk.

Harold, a retired business owner, follows Cameron around the golf course religiously, claiming to see every shot of his high school career – even if sometimes he didn’t want to watch.

Said Cameron with a good-natured laugh: “I can make the unexpected shot, but then I make the expected shot much harder than it needs to be.”

Of course, at 6-foot-1, 180 pounds, Cameron makes up for shortcomings with tremendous length off the tee, routinely driving the ball 300 yards.

He once drove the green at the 340-yard second hole at the Greenbrier Country Club.

Cameron has competed since he was 8, winning numerous junior events and earning All-City honors as a senior at Dunbar.

His dream is to play professional golf, but medicine is a goal as well.

Besides, don’t doctors still take a weekday afternoon off for a round of golf?

Cameron will be right at home.