The Family That Boxes Together…

By Kim Campbell

“Oh well let’s just go eat somewhere.”

How many times have you or your spouse said that after a long day at work?

The children are worn out. You are worn out, and the whole family is carrying the stresses of the day.

Later in the evening you take out your stress on each other and go to bed dreading the next day.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to exchange that scenario for something more uplifting?

Most people have heard, “The family that prays together, stays together.”

I would like to add to that by saying, “After the family prays together, the family that boxes together, gets healthy together.”

After a long day, imagine taking your family to a one-hour Power Hour boxing fitness workout where all of you can work out together, release stress and create energy together.

Families need healthy outlets for shared group activities.

Even though most parents want to model a healthy lifestyle for their children, all too often they get so busy following their children’s sports activities that they neglect their own health.

They sit on the sidelines, marveling at how much energy their children have.

Implicitly, this teaches children that sports and good fitness are “child’s play.”

Yet when parents take the lead in fitness, they improve their own self-confidence, which helps children improve their self-esteem.

TITLE Boxing Club Lexington (TBCL) offers families the Power Hour, a healthy activity that they can do together regardless of age, size or fitness level.

This also allows family members to connect on a casual level, strengthen their relationships, and encourage and motivate each other.

Doing a Power Hour side-by-side removes distractions and focuses the family on learning a skill together. This creates a sense of ownership for each other’s health and fitness goals.

Families only need to do the one-hour Power Hour three times per week to see benefits.

Because boxing is an edgy sport, it appeals to everyone’s wild side, especially that of teenagers.

If teens can connect with parents on this level, they are more likely to believe that their parents will connect with them on other edgy subjects.

The very nature of the challenging boxing workout lends itself to building unity among family members.

Enduring challenges together strengthens bonds, builds inner strength and fosters the knowledge that family members can overcome adversity both at home and in outside situations.

Kim Campbell and her husband Chris own TITLE Boxing Club Lexington. Kim has just completed her 11th week doing the workout three times per week.