Why Is My Toddler On a Hunger Strike?

My daughter has become quite the little activist. But I wonder what CeCe is protesting, because she is clearly on a hunger strike for some reason.

In addition to being like Gandhi, my toddler is also like a camel.

One day she fills her belly up to the brim, and then for the next two to three days she can subsist on next to nothing.

I don’t understand how she can function on such a system, but she does.

CeCe will often refuse the dinners I make for her and request simply a piece of bread instead.

She will happily munch on that slice and then go to bed content.

It’s not like I’m offering the child escargot. I make chicken nuggets. I thought I was playing to her tastes.

I find myself walking that line between “Should I give her junk so at least she eats?” or “She’ll eat when she is hungry. Let her starve herself.”

Neither option screams “super nutritious” to me.

Every book, website or blog post gives different advice.

Some people advise to strap them in the high chair until they eat every bite.

Others say to let them graze, it’s better for their metabolism.

So what will get my daughter to eat? A strict schedule and rules about food intake minimums?

Or the freedom to eat as she pleases with hopes that she will make healthy choices?

The answer is: I have no earthly clue.

At this moment my 2-year-old is on her third bowl of Cheerios for the day.

That makes me excited enough to attempt a backflip.

But I know throughout the week I will make offerings of sandwiches, pasta, fruit, popsicles or the last Bagel Bites in the freezer.

Anything if it will get her to eat.

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