Get Fit, Not Hit At Title Boxing Club

By Kim Campbell

Did he say Title BOXING Club?!” my husband and I asked each other as our business liaison left the room.

“There is NO WAY I’m doing anything with boxing!” I said

“I despised boxing when I was in college,” Chris said.

Flashing through my mind were images of dark, dingy, sweaty, bloody boxing rings in some back alley, deserted downtown building.

“Now please be open- minded,” our liaison said. So we listened politely.

The very next day we got a call from an animated representative of TITLE Boxing Club, inviting us to come for a “discovery weekend” in Kansas City.

His enthusiasm had already passed through the fiber optic passageway and by then we were curious.

Over a three-day period in Kansas City, we learned about this peculiar, new workout philosophy envisioned by Danny Campbell, the founder of TITLE Boxing Club.

Danny is a former pro boxer who had dreamed early in his career of bringing boxing and kickboxing to Middle America.

His mission was to give men, women and children the opportunity to learn the sport and to get fit through no-contact, boxing workouts.

Boxing is an ancient, edgy but beautiful sport that works the entire body and engages the mind.

Danny believed boxing’s benefits were not only physical but would spill over into other aspects of life such as building self-discipline and self-confidence.

He had expected people to be happy about a boxing workout’s physical benefits, but surprisingly he also heard, “You have changed my life!”

What a contrast to my hostile, old stereotype!

To our surprise, we fell in love with the mission of TITLE Boxing Club and decided to bring its explosive, total-body workout to our own community, Lexington.

TITLE Boxing Club Lexington capitalizes on the no-contact aspects of the sport and offers the sixty-minute, trainer-led “Power Hour” workout, which starts with 15 minutes of stretching and cardio warm-up, followed by 30 minutes of eight three-minute boxing or kickboxing rounds against a heavy bag, and finishes with 15 minutes of core and ab work, stretching and cool-down.

It is intense but each person works at his or her own pace.

We currently offer 25 classes per week and members have full access to the club and trainers any time during operating hours.

TITLE Boxing Club Lexington is a healthy, wholesome, and safe place, offering people an exciting, inspiring boxing workout for all family members, regardless of age or ability. Life-changing? Yes!

Kim Campbell and her husband Chris own TITLE Boxing Club Lexington. She has been doing boxing and kickboxing workouts for eight weeks and is a testament to its benefits.