Work-Outs With Baby

Finding time to work out with a new baby or a crawler at home can feel impossible. But if you have a few spare minutes, you can get in some exercise that entertains your baby in the process. Here are a few quick moves you can do to tone up that involve your little one.


Lay baby on her back and place your self directly over her, arms on either side of her torso.









As you dip down to do the push-up, you can kiss your baby, blow raspberries, play peek-a-boo, or whatever keeps her entertained while you work your arms.








Ab Work

Lay on the floor with bent knees, and place baby on her stomach laying flat against your shins, holding on her arms. (Older babies can sit up on your shins if they have enough head control.)








Lift your legs up and outward. Hold for a three-count, then bring knees back toward your chest. Repeat to work your abdominal muscles. The lower to the ground your extended legs are, the more this move works your abs.









Leg Extensions (for babies who can sit up without help.)

Sitting in a chair, have your baby sit on your foot and lay against your shin.








Raise your leg straight out, keeping knees parallel. Hold for a three-count, then bring your foot back to the floor. Repeat, making sure to alternate legs.










You can wear your baby in a carrier or hold her on your hip while doing this exercise. Simply step forward with one leg and bend at the knee, making sure you knee doesn’t go past your foot on the floor.











Bring your foot back to center and repeat with the other leg. You baby adds some weight and resistance to this basic exercise. It is perfect to do while wearing your newborn who is accustomed to the gentle swaying feeling.


Shoulder press

Hold your baby in front of your chest with your arms bent.











Extend your arms straight upward, making sure to keep your back straight. Hold for a moment then bring back to chest level. Make sure you aren’t jumping or using a swinging motion.Most children love playing Uppie, Airplane, Flying, whatever you name the game, especially if you make fun sounds each time you lift them into the air.











Whatever exercise program you use, make sure you feel physically ready for it after having your baby. Don’t let any outside pressure make you feel you need your pre-baby body back instantly. Take your time, focus on your health and most importantly- enjoy time with your baby!