Lexington Running Group Offers Support for Moms

MomsRunThisTownMoms spend most of their days on the go– running around the house, running errands, running after their kids. But one Lexington group gives moms a chance to run for their health- both physical and mental.

Moms Run This Town is a national organization with more than 300 chapters across the U.S. The Lexington chapter has been in existence for about six months and is run by Annalee Peters, mom to 4-year-old Madelynn and 1-year-old Elijah.

“The goal of Moms Run This Town is to provide support for moms who are current runners or for those that would like to get into running,” Peters said. “We would like to encourage moms to take care of themselves and take time to run so they can be better for those around them.”

MRTT is open to moms with children of any age, and it’s even open to pet moms.

“We don’t discriminate,” Peters said. “If you love to run, or want to, and you are a mom in some capacity, you’re in.”

MRTT has weekly runs, play dates, dinners, and many members participate in local races. On January 26th, the group is meeting to do a 10K event. The event is part of a virtual winter series that members could sign up for online. After logging their miles, they will receive medals for completing the winter series.

Peters hopes the group reminds moms to make themselves a priority.

“Clubs like this are important for moms because it helps moms shift their focus from everyone else in their lives back to themselves for a bit,” she said. “MRTT and other such groups provide support for moms and encourage them to take positive steps that will benefit their overall health and well-being. By setting goals and reaching them, moms can feel good about themselves and this attitude can affect everyone around them.”

Moms of all ages are welcome to join and anyone can join the group by going to Lexington.momsrunthistown.com and asking to be added to the group.