‘Learn. Live. Lose.’ Partners Inspire Weight Loss & Fitness

For the first time in my life, I have joined a weight loss support group.

Me, a guy would have killed to put on five pounds when I was in high school. Now, I’d like to lend that teenager about 20 pounds.

It’s been four months since I vowed to lose 15 pounds by our Summer Camp Fair on April 13 to honor Lexington Family Magazine’s 15th anniversary.

It’s been harder than I expected.

Before the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays, I had lost seven pounds. Easy, I thought.

I regained most of that weight by the time I swallowed my last Christmas cookie.

Since the New Year, I’m back at it, losing a pound here and there – with a little help from some new friends.

As part of Lexington Family Magazine’s Fit Family Challenge, sponsor Family Practice Associates has graciously offered me free participation in their new “Learn. Live. Lose.” program.

This is a comprehensive, personalized weight management program that is medically supervised by Family Practice Associates.

Once a week, our support group meets at FPA in Hamburg for a one hour session, covering such topics as diet (we’re following the DASH diet), exercise,  grocery shopping etc.

Group leaders from FPA – Cheryl Lewis, an advanced practice registered nurse and Raleigh M. Kincaid, a marriage and family therapist – are teaching us about protein, carbs, good fat and bad fat, and for once, I’m paying attention.

My group mates have much to teach me as well – they are so willing to share.

Perhaps more importantly for me, the weekly sessions serve as accountability.

Don’t wanna go the gym? Can’t let the group down. So off I go.

With their help, I might just make my goal after all.