Does Exercise Bore You? Try a Boxing Workout

By Kim Campbell

It is common knowledge that people feel better and are more energetic when they exercise regularly.

Then why is sticking to an exercise program so difficult?

Maybe, the program is  repetitious, boring and has no purpose other than to keep you healthy.

A boxing workout is a high-energy whole-body cardio fitness routine that is anything but boring.

A boxing workout builds physical health and also teaches a valuable skill that leads to increased self-confidence and personal empowerment.

The punches, weaves, bobs, and footwork combine many types of workouts into one overall training sequence that exercises the abs and waist to build momentum and power for balanced and coordinated moves.

Increased stamina, speed, resistance, agility, dexterity, flexibility and coordination develop automatically with boxing.

The explosive nature of the sport changes body composition and builds a variety of muscle groups that will lead to rapid muscle tone, redistribution of body mass and weight loss while developing reflexes, resistance and overall skeletal strength.

A boxing workout is a safe way for all exercisers, no matter level of ability, to push themselves.

Because most people are so focused on learning how to execute boxing movements,   they don’t realize they are working out.

Their minds are constantly engaged so they don’t have to “tune-out” boredom.

Instead, a person doing a boxing workout must focus hard on various combinations of jabs, hooks, uppercuts, slips, fades and dips.

These combinations require memory, mental engagement and quick thinking.

This makes the workout interesting and enjoyable.

As a result, the body becomes stronger, and the mind does as well.

The high intensity of the boxing workout also relieves stress. After a workout, your body feels lighter, your mind feels more peaceful, and your confidence and outlook on life improve.

Boxing instills self-discipline, and rewards those who work hard to overcome obstacles.

It requires awareness and a sense of intuition.

When people gain these attributes and skills, they realize they can defend themselves in unwanted situations.

They become masters of their own bodies and minds, knowing that they can master their lives and remain safe.

A boxing workout provides not only outstanding fitness conditioning, but also gives a purpose and focus to the workout that leads to personal empowerment.

Kim Campbell is co-owner of Title Boxing Club Lexington with her husband Chris. She has been doing boxing workouts for four weeks and is a testament to its benefits.