Confidence Boost Linked to Better Reading Skills

Sixteen-year-old Emily Smith of Paris had always thought of herself as a “bad test taker.”

The homeschooled high school sophomore would study before a test until she thought she knew the material.

But when test time arrived, the information would just vanish from her mind.

Her mother, Mary, (names have been changed at the family’s request) sought help from LearningRx, a national brain-training program with an office in Lexington.

“I had heard that they could help her memory, help her to retain more,” Mary said.

In the summer, Emily started the LearningRx program, which is based on the latest brain research.

Neuroplasticity, the brain’s ability to adapt and grow, is the science behind brain training and the basis of each of the LearningRx programs.

Unlike tutoring, brain training improves a person’s IQ through building neural pathways to make the brain work faster and more efficiently.

The program exposes each student to a customized series of intense mental workouts that build brain power.

At first, Emily’s parents did the prescribed exercises with her, but she very quickly became adept at doing the work herself.

“The training built her confidence,” Mary said. “Before, she was down on herself because she couldn’t retain what she read.”

The family soon saw an improvement in her memory and even in her math skills.

“She now fully comprehends what she reads,” Mary said.

Part of this success comes from Emily’s relationship with her LearningRx trainer, Shannon Terry.

“She’s really happy with Shannon. They have a good interaction,” Mary said.

The family won’t learn the full extent of Emily’s academic improvement until March when she will undergo another assessment.

But Mary is confident that Emily’s scores will show improvement.

“I’m very pleased with her progress,” Mary said. “She is happy about it, too. She feels that she can overcome issues now.”

After Emily’s assessment she will continue to attend training sessions at LearningRx but will need fewer sessions each week.

Mary is convinced that the training has been worth the drive to Lexington each week.

Said Mary: “Emily is developing lifelong tools to help her retain all that she’s learned.”