Better Bites Launches Naming Contest for Snack Strong Cart

After the successful naming contest that produced Snack Strong, Better Bites has launched another naming contest to coincide with the debut of its Snack Strong Cart.

BetterBites, sponsored by Lex. Parks & Recreation and the Lexington Tweens Nutrition and Fitness Coalition, is a community-wide effort to offer health snacks at places where kids play in

Lexington: public pools, Whitaker Ball Park, Beaumont YMCA and after-school programs.

Better Bites snacks include veggie dippers with light ranch dressing, yogurt parfaits, sunflower seeds, string cheese, popsicles and popcorn.

Now, the folks at Better Bites are taking it to the streets with a Snack Strong Cart, so they can bring healthy snacks to more people in more places.

You’ll see the cart at pools, schools, sporting events and other youth events.

They want your help coming up with a name for the Better Bites Snack Strong Cart. The winner will receive $100 and two season passes to Lexington public pools, good at any pool all season.

The deadline is Feb. 15. Submit your name for the Better Bites Snack Strong cart by e-mail to or by mail to “Name the Better Bites Cart Contest,” 291 Lafayette Parkway Lexington, KY 40503.

Include your name, email address, phone number and age.

Selection will be made by April 1, 2013. The winner will be notified by phone.