Baby Moon Announces Expansion

BabyMoonAs one local maternity store closes its doors, another is stepping in to the fill the space.

Mother Nurture provided breastfeeding and natural parenting supplies to Lexington moms and dads for the past six years. Owner Cerise Bouchard recently decided to pursue other career options and close Mother Nurture. But parents don’t have to wonder what will take its place at 2891 Richmond Road.

Baby Moon, the downstairs neighbor of Mother Nurture, announced it will move into the vacated space, renovate and add new services for families, including several formerly provided by Mother Nurture.

The menu of the new space includes:

  • Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine for women’s health issues
  • Lactation Consultations in-home and on-site
  • Weekly Latch Check Clinics
  • Hospital-Grade Breast Pump Rentals
  • Baby Weight Checks
  • Crucial Breastfeeding and Pumping Supplies and Parts
  • Expanded Bodywork (Including programs for improved healing and scar tissue management after a C-Section; cranio-sacral therapy; Thai massage; acupressure; and more)
  • Expanded Fertility Services

Baby Moon owner Anne Rust said now is the right time to take this step and grow in the community.

“At Baby Moon our primary focus has always been to make it easier for moms and families to access the support they need to thrive during this major life transition. These last nine years have been all about bringing classes, services, and support together collaboratively, under one roof. That has always been job number one. We know our clients want more options in complementary care, and breastfeeding support has always been a big part of our core mission.”

Most new services will be available Feb. 1. Baby Moon expects to have renovations completed by March 1. For more information visit or call (859) 420-6262.