Try These New Games At Your Child’s Next Birthday Party

For some of us, the idea of entertaining a dozen kids at our homes during a birthday party feels like a nightmare.

But when you bring a group a kids together, all they really want to do is play.

What better way to direct that play than through a few classic party games?

Everyone knows games like Pin the Tail on the Donkey; Duck, Duck Goose; Simon Says; and Hot Potato.

But how about including a few new games in your next party?

Mr. Bear
Start the game out with the birthday boy or girl designated as Mr. (or Ms.) Bear.

He goes off to a designated spot to “hibernate.” While his eyes are closed the rest of the partygoers march around his hibernating spot chanting, “Mr. Bear, Wake Up!”

Mr. Bear then opens his eyes, jumps up and chases the other children back to the “safe” spot.

Whoever is caught has to join Mr. Bear in his hibernation and help him catch more bear cubs on the next round.

Play continues until the last child is caught and that one becomes the next “Mr. Bear.”

Balloon Tag
Blow up enough balloons for each child to have two.

Using rubber bands or string, tie a balloon to each child’s ankle.

The goal of the game is to pop other people’s balloons without losing your own. The last child to have at least one balloon left is the winner.

I Spy Tray
Need a quieter indoor game? On a large tray arrange 20 or more small items.

Cover the tray with a cloth. When all the party guests are gathered, lift the cloth for just 30 seconds or so.

Cover it back up and have each guest write down all the items they can remember. The guest with the longest (correct) list is the winner.

Cat and Mouse
Have the party guests stand in a circle. Choose one “cat” and one “mouse.”

The cat chases the mouse around and in and out of the circle.

The catch is that any time the mouse can stop in front of a player in the circle and that child becomes the mouse.

Play continues until the cat catches the mouse and then you can choose a new cat and mouse.