DIY Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments

Homemade tree ornaments are a great gift and a wonderful keepsake for parents. And salt dough makes the process simple and fun!

Supplies needed:

Rolling pin
Buttons, sequins, paint, any decorations you like


Step One

Mix one cup flour with ½ cup salt. Slowly mix in one cup warm water until the mixture forms a dough.







Step Two

Lay dough on a surface covered with flour, and knead dough until smooth. (Sprinkling your hands with flour keeps the dough from sticking to your skin.)

Step Three

Roll the dough flat and use cookie cutters to create shapes or simply make circles.





Step Four

Poke a hole at the top of each ornament before basking. If you are making an impression like a handprint, make them just before baking.







Step Five


Bake at 250 degrees for 2 hours. Let cool, then decorate!

Learn While You Play: Let your toddler help make the dough and talk about your actions as you do them. Pouring, stirring, kneading and rolling are all great action words.